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VELUX Window Replacement Newhaven

We are a local company offering VELUX Window Replacement. It offers further insulation and is complete in as little as 4 hours! Get in touch for your free quote.

VELUX Window Replacement

LC Roofing are a VELUX Certified Installer which means that we have been recognised by VELUX themselves as being a competent and professional installer. In order to keep this status, we regularly comply with assessments and checks from industry experts. We have to provide all relevant public liability insurance documents, references and credit checks. We are also proud to be members of the only government-endorsed scheme for Tradesmen called Trust Mark. This is a scheme aimed at helping the public find professional and reliable tradesmen in their area.

We offer VELUX window replacement throughout Newhaven and Sussex. Many people think they do not require a replacement, but they do not realise the additional benefits. VELUX are constantly updating their range in order to make their products as beneficial as possible for consumers. They regularly announce new ranges which have improved properties such as increased insulation, daylight, sunscreening benefits and ventilation. The newer ranges also include more variety of sizes, operations, glazes and finishes. A complete replacement can be carried out in as little as 4 hours meaning there is minimal disruption to you.

What are the benefits?
  • More insulation -  Keep the cold out and the warmth in! VELUX newer ranges have further insulation benefits to make sure your room is a comfortable temperature.
  • Increased daylight - The newer VELUX roof windows have the same frame size, but have bigger glazing, which means more daylight!
  • Better climate - It is vital that a window has ventilation and sun screening properties to ensure your room has a balanced climate. The latest VELUX roof windows offer more sun screening and ventilation benefits to allow your room to breathe.
  • More choice - The latest VELUX ranges offer a huge range of sizes, operations, glazing and finishes. VELUX may have another product which suits your needs more than your current product!

Why Choose LC Roofing?

We get to know your requirements and find a solution to fit your needs and budget. We are more than happy to offer you guidance if you are unsure on which product may be right for you. All of our quotes are completely free of charge and no obligation.

We always use the highest quality materials and our work is carried out to a high standard at a competitive price.

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Please find out more on our VELUX WINDOW REPLACEMENT PAGE.

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