At LC Roofing, we are tiling experts who are trained to tile any sized project. Our esteemed reputation is built upon the fantastic work we do for our customers. We know we have just the type of tile you are looking for – even if you’re not sure just yet! Our tiles include:

  • Concrete tiles – ideal for a classic, traditional look. We provide a multitude of colours – to suit any property. Long-lasting, strong and versatile!
  • Machine-made clay tiles – These are perfect for a contemporary, modern style. If you’re looking for a more affordable option but still maintaining extreme durability, then these might be for you!
  • Handcrafted clay tiles – For a finer, more characteristic look, handcrafted tiles provide a distinctive, traditionally textured design, perfect to withstand all weathers.
  • Handmade clay tiles – Our most luxury option as they provide a rich, characterful look to any roof. These are made from the finest, most distinctive material which provides the highest durability for your roof.
  • Clay peg tiles – A simple, traditional roof tile which is fixed by hooking pegs from the tile into the roof. These tiles are perfect for an easier and less disruptive fit.
  • Interlocking concrete and clay tiles – Give a uniformed, clean appearance. They appear completely flat and interlocking.

As you can see, we are bound to have the perfect tile for your roof! We can offer advice for which tile will suit your requirements.  

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"LC Roofing Contractors are professional, courteous, on time and on quote. The quality of the work and finish on the roof is excellent. Very accommodating of all additional requests and kept us up-to-date all the way through the job. Would thoroughly recommend them."

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