Slates might be the option for you if you are looking for a practical roof which also has a clean, neat and uniform look to it. All slates are usually recognised by their distinct grey colour. All of our tiles are non-fading, even in UV light, so they stay looking as good as new.

Natural or Cement Slates?

Slates come in two types – natural or cement. Natural slates are sourced from quarries in Spain. Completely non-porous and non-combustible, natural slates have a lifespan of up to 150 years whilst still retaining their magnificence and high performance. As they are a mineral product, these slates are not subject to chemical processes, meaning they still have their natural beauty.

Cement slates (or composite slates) are made from cement fibre. These slates are similar to natural slates in the way they look but are synthetic. Still incredibly durable, these slates are a more affordable alternative to natural slates. As they are manufactured, these slates are extremely consistent and therefore only need one layer to form entirely waterproof protection, saving tiles and time.

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"The contractors were polite and tidied up all around the house at the end of every day. The worked quickly and efficiently throughout the 6 days and their work was excellent. The job was finished within the original estimated price and was good value for money. Leon and his workers completed all the roof work, as well as making all the arrangements for the scaffolding and rubbish skip - which were all removed within one day of the job being finished. Overall I cannot rate them highly enough and would recommend them to anyone who wants quality and cost effective work completed."

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