VELUX Flat Roof Windows

LC Roofing are Certified VELUX Installers, meaning we have been recognised by VELUX themselves for providing excellent installations of their products. We go the extra mile to provide a service which exceeds your expectations.

We can install VELUX flat roof windows in a range of styles to suit you. There are plenty of options including:

VELUX Curved Glass Rooflight – a unique, slightly curved model which lets in more daylight and makes your roof surface stand out. These are available as fixed, or Integra electrically operated. They are entirely maintenance free, with a white upvc internal frame. There are two layers of glazing which makes it very well insulated. The curved shape allows rain water to easily drain off. There is also a discreet heat protection blind for ideal indoor temperature monitoring.

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VELUX Flat Glass Rooflight – If you are looking for a discreet feature on your roof, a flat glass option is a stylish offering. They have a special coating which allows easy cleaning. These are available as fixed or Integra electrically operated models. They are a highly durable option with a scratch-free 4mm tempered glass outer pane. They are also two layers of glazing it making it extremely energy efficient.

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VELUX Dome Rooflight – Create a roof window bubble, with optimal privacy – perfect for offices, clinics, workshops and homes. These can be fixed, manual or Integra electrically operated. They have a two-layer low-energy pane making them extremely energy efficient. It provides excellent. sound insulation from exterior noise disturbances. We can also make the dome opaque, adding even more privacy.

We can create customised rooflights to suit your needs with the VELUX VARIO option. Create something entirely unique, making the most out of daylight in your property.Get in touch to discuss your needs and we will do our very best to create something exceptional!


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