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LC Roofing Contractors Ltd are fully accredited by VELUX themselves – as part of the VELUX Certified Installer scheme. We expertly install, replace and repair VELUX windows throughout East Sussex. We are very proud to be recognised by VELUX themselves as experienced, trusted fitters who deliver outstanding results to all of our clients.

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Why Choose Us?

You have peace of mind knowing that VELUX are a TrustMark scheme operator so part of the benefit of being a member of the VELUX Certified Installers group includes the fact that all members are part of the government-endorsed scheme for tradesmen. 

In order to maintain the certification of being a VELUX Certified Installer, there are several regular checks and assessments which we are more than happy to adhere to. This includes a regular check of all relevant documents such as public liability insurance, financial records and trading history. It also means we are subject to regular credit checks and we have to regularly provide references from previous clients.

We regularly undergo on-site inspections which make sure that our work is of the high standard that VELUX represent. We adhere to a certain code of practice covering conduct and professionalism at all times. By using a VELUX Certified Installer, you can rest easy in the knowledge that VELUX can act as an intermediary should any disputes arise between you and your installer.

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TrustMark – Government Endorsed Quality

TrustMark are a Government Endorsed Quality scheme which provides customers with the highest level of consumer protection available. Members of the TrustMark scheme are often tradesmen or other service provider organisations. You can be assured that all members of the scheme are professional, consistent and work to the highest possible standards.

TrustMark are a scheme which has an integrated Trading Standards disputes process which offers precise and reasonable sanctions if appropriate. All TrustMark members have to provide at least a two-year guarantee and protection for their works over £500. LC Roofing provide a 10 year guarantee on all of our VELUX installations and replacements.


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