Lead Works

Lead is one of the world’s oldest building materials. It has been tried and tested, and throughout the lead’s lifespan, it works out more cost-effective than other methods because it is so robust and requires no maintenance. It is an eco-friendly material to use because it is a natural occurring element. Nearly 100% of lead is recycled building materials. Once the lead has come to the end of its life, it can be recycled and reused again and again. Lead is the best material to protect your roof from water penetration.

We can provide you with lead roofing, dormers, box gutters, canopies and flashings. Its elasticity makes it perfect for complicated roof shapes. It’s a particularly long-life material and when it is fitted correctly it will last as well as the best slates. It can be cut and fitted to fit any contours of your roof tiles. When you enquire, we will set up a time when we can fully assess your roof so that we get the size and thickness exactly correct – a step which is vital to prevent any leakages.

LC Roofing Contractors Ltd always carry out lead works in accordance with best practice and via the recommendations of the Lead Sheet Association. Contact us today to find out more information and to get your free quote.

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