Liquid Plastics

Liquid Plastics are cold applied liquid systems and coatings used for waterproofing flat roofs. This coating can last between 5 and 30 years, depending on their environment. Liquid plastic can also be used as a cost-effective solution to repairs or replacements. It can be used for an entire roof or just a small area if required. As the application is fairly simple, there will be no disruption to you or the other occupants at your property.

Fuss Free Fixing! Choose Liquid Plastics

We use different types of liquid plastic depending on your requirements. Sikalastic 618 is applied to form a smooth, robust and weather resistant waterproofing solution. It can be applied to existing concrete, roofing felt, slate and brickwork. We use it to produce a tough coating to flat, pitched, and inverted roofs.

EPDM liquid rubber can also be used on many surfaces to form a water resistant, UV resistant coating which is unaffected by extreme temperatures and chemicals. This is perfect for a leaking roof and will minimise water damage.

For a cost effective, fast and durable solution to roof leaking and repairs, our liquid plastics may be the perfect solution for you.

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