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VELUX Window Replacement Glazing

LC Roofing are a long-standing company who specialise in the installation, repair and replacement of VELUX windows. As certified VELUX window installers, our team have a wealth of experience and expertise to not only install new VELUX windows but to also replace the glazing in existing windows. We work across East and West Sussex, offering a replacement glazing service to both commercial and domestic customers.

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Expert VELUX Glazing Replacement

Does the glass in your VELUX window appear misty? If it does then this is the first sign that the seal between the 2 layers of glass in the window may be faulty. When the seal does not work correctly it causes gas to be released, allowing moisture to seep in and cause this mist. Not only does this affect the look of your VELUX windows, it can also cost you money as the window’s insulation loses its effectiveness. In turn this causes you to spend more money on energy bills trying to heat the room.

LC Roofing can replace this glazing or upgrade the glazing dependant upon the age of the window. To check the age of your VELUX windows simply open your window and you should see a product code at the top of the window sash. For pitched roof windows, there will be a code that begins with GGL, GPL or GGU followed by a few numbers. If you cannot locate this code, you can simply inform us of the internal measurements of your window frame.

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For windows that are below 10 years old, replacement glazing panes with the correct dimensions are usually still obtainable from VELUX. LC Roofing will replace the windowpane using the specialised VELUX kit, this ensures the replacement is fitted with absolute precision and made completely watertight.

For older windows you may need to upgrade the glazing.Luckily, this is a simple process as VELUX provides conversion kits. These conversion kits enable us to install the latest glazing into your existing frame.


For more information on our replacement glazing service please contact the team at LC Roofing today.


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