Chimneys & Firewalls

Chimney and Firewall Repairs and Replacement

Chimneys go through a lot as they are the most prominent part of your building, and the most likely to be affected by all weathers. Over time, your chimney brickwork is likely to show signs of wear and tear and start to dry and crumble. A damaged chimney stack will produce a less effective fire and will increase the risk of unwanted fires and dangers of carbon monoxide. Whether you are looking for a minor chimney repair or a replacement, we are here to help.

How we can help...

The most dangerous hazard from having a chimney or firewall in poor condition is the risk that debris or loose bricks are likely to fall down the chimney and could seriously injure someone in your home. Firewalls are a particularly weak part of the roof which can split, cause leaks and require costly repairs. We can replace the flashing, repoint mortar joints, water seal, secure loose chimney pots and ensure your chimney is reformed to its usual functionality. If your chimney is not being used, then if possible we would always recommend taking it down below roof level and covering with tiles or slates that are on the roof. We also do firewall removal if the firewall is beyond repair.

We are fully qualified and skilled operatives, who are capable of tackling any type of repair to any size chimney or firewall so do not hesitate to get in touch – it’s better to be safe than sorry. We can personalize our service to whatever your requirements are. Even after your repair, we are available for maintenance so that your chimney remains safe and effective.

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"Leon Cumming impressed us with his professional approach. He was the only person who actually went onto the roof before quoting. In the event the job had unexpected complications which resulted in a change of approach. Leon kept us informed and involved at all stages. He was also meticulous in ensuring building regulations were followed at all times. His colleagues were also hard working and a pleasure to deall with."

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