VELUX Top Hung Windows

LC Roofing are certified VELUX Installers, installing a range of VELUX products across East Sussex. We install VELUX Top Hung Windows which are an extremely popular choice.


The VELUX Top Hung Windows are easily operated from the bottom of the sash at the right height for whichever room they are in. They can even be used as an escape method if placed in a loft conversion. When they are opened fully, you can enjoy uninterrupted views of the outside, but the sash does not open inwards and therefore get in the way of headspace.

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These windows allow natural ventilation of your home without having to worry about security risks or bad weather. Simply pull the top control bar once and filtered air will enter the room through the handy ventilation flap.


VELUX Top Hung Windows use ThermoTechnology which can help reduce heating costs and provide temperature consistency throughout your home. ThermoTechnology uses innovative, high performance materials within the window construction itself to guarantee maximum energy efficiency, insulation and an airtight seal.

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The VELUX TopHung Windows can be easily cleaned via simply rotating the sash 180 degrees using the barrel bolt. They are available in range of sizes to suit your space perfectly. They now come in electric with a wireless wall switch and full integration with VELUX Active home automation system, allowing you to control your windows via your mobile device.


These windows are available in a range of frames including lacquered pine, white painted pine and polyurethane. We offer a range of glazing options to suit your requirements including double glazing, triple glazing and various additions such as noise reduction and extra privacy options.


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