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VELUX Windows in Groombridge

Having enough natural light coming into your home or business can make a huge difference to wellbeing. Windows allow both daylight and fresh air to come into your home and business and both these things can have a hugely positive effect on how the space feels and how enjoyable it is to spend time in. If you plan on installing or replacing a window in a domestic or commercial property, VELUX windows are a good solution. They are reasonably simple to install and come in a large variety of design and style options.

When you have any work done to your home or business, it's essential that you have tradespeople who are experts in what they are doing and this is just as true for VELUX installations. We are experienced and certified window installers, which means you can rest assured that your windows will be installed at a level that has been approved by VELUX themselves.

As a certified VELUX  installer, LC Roofing also come under the government backed TrustMark scheme. TrustMark is a not-for-profit organisation which is the only one of its kind that recognises high caliber tradespeople. The TrustMark selection process is a challenging one and those that come under it must continually achieve exceptional levels of work, which TrustMark continually monitor. That way, you can have peace of mind that if you use someone covered by the TrustMark scheme, then you will receive a first-class standard of work with hardworking, reliable and excellent service.

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VELUX Window Replacement in Groombridge

VELUX maintain very high standards and regularly improve their products, which means that if your old VELUX window is ready to be replaced, that your replacement model will be of an even higher quality and will be a great asset to your property. VELUX also continually better their products with the latest technology, so the newest models have incredible designs with the kind of details that will greatly benefit their usage. The most recent models have many merits, including being more energy efficient and being even more pleasing to the eye, so you will enjoy using them even more.

On top of being expert VELUX installers, we are registered with The Fenestration Self Assessment Scheme (FENSA), which is another government supported scheme and governs businesses that install windows, ensuring that they install all windows to the standards set out by the Building Regulations.

Some of the many other advantages of VELUX windows include:

  • They are reasonably easy to install, so won't necessitate huge amounts of building work at your property.
  • They are affordable and have many merits, considering their budget friendly cost.
  • There are many different styles to choose from.

For further information on the supply and installation of VELUX windows, contact us by phone on 01323 654059 or email us on and a member of our team can book you in for a FREE QUOTATION.

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Replacement VELUX Windows

If you are planning on replacing the windows in your home or business, then VELUX windows are a great option to go for. VELUX windows come in a large choice of colours and styles and we are happy to give you advice on the appropriate options for your situation, when you have your FREE quote.

There are numerous VELUX options available in many sizes, constructions and colours to suit you. If you want something modern or something a little bit more traditional, we can help you find a stunning design that will be perfect for your requirements. The VELUX installation method is an efficient one and we keep the procedure as simple as possible, so we don't cause too much of a disruption to your life. Additionally, VELUX windows don't usually require scaffolding, so interruption to your day-to-day life will be kept to a minimum.

Alternatively, if you like the idea of a VELUX window but are also thinking about a slightly more impactful home improvement, then we have a suggestion for you: the VELUX balcony system! This system has been very cleverly designed, so that when it's closed, it looks like a window. However, when it is opened at both top and bottom, it becomes a humble, yet effective balcony space. It can then be very simply closed once again, to return to its window form. It is entirely inconspicuous and is a fantastic way to bring in more light and air.

To discuss VELUX windows in Groombridge in more details, contact us now and one of our team will be happy to help you.


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