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VELUX Windows in Littlehampton

We all know that windows have the ability to have an incredibly positive effect on a property. They allow light and air to come in, which can completely change how a space can feel and can truly enhance a home or work space.VELUX windows are the perfect solution if you need a new or replacement window in your home or office, as they come in a wide range of different designs and sizes and can be installed reasonably quickly and easily.

If you are looking for specialists in the installation of VELUX windows, look no further! At LC Roofing, we have extensive experience as an installer of replacement VELUX roof windows and brand new VELUX window installations and we are also certified VELUX window installers, which means you can have the peace of mind that we will install your VELUX window to an exceptional standard.

As we are recognised as certified VELUX window installers, we also come under the government endorsed TrustMark scheme. This scheme is the only one of its kind that recognises quality trades people and it is important to us to be associated with it. TrustMark is a not-for-profit organisation and recognises the best trades people in an area, using a strict selection process. To be part of the TrustMark scheme, means that as a business, we need to to continually uphold an excellent standard of workmanship, which they continuously monitor, so you know that we are hardworking, reliable and conscientious.

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VELUX Window Replacement in Littlehampton

Replacing old VELUX windows can be of huge benefit to your home or business. VELUX are regularly working on the development of their products. This means that if you replace your VELUX window with a new edition, it will have been developed using the newest technology and designs, so that you will really benefit from your VELUX replacement. Replacing your VELUX window can make your space even more appealing with all new designs, making it even more enjoyable to spend time in and it can also benefit from being more energy efficient, which is something that we all need to think about.

Not only are we a certified VELUX installer but we are also registered with FENSA. FENSA (The Fenestration Self Assessment Scheme) are another government supported scheme which oversees businesses who install windows and it makes sure that they comply with the Building Regulations.

VELUX roof windows have many advantages which include:

  • They are available in many designs.
  • They are reasonably easy install, so you won't have the stress of having a large amount of building work carried out.
  • They are cost effective but also create quite an impact on your home or office.

For more information on VELUX window installation, contact us by phone on 01323 654059 or email on and we can answer any questions and book you in for a FREE QUOTATION!

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Stunning Replacement VELUX Windows

If you are considering either new or replacement windows for your home or business, then give VELUX windows some consideration. We are professional VELUX window fitters and can supply install a huge variety of design and colour choices for you.

With all the choices available, you will be satisfied, whether you want something more traditional or a more up to date look, we will have a VELUX roof window that will fit perfectly in your space, with the right colour, size and construction for you. The process of having the window installed is kept as stress free as possible and we will ensure that it is minimally invasive to to you, and we are pleased to say that most installations won't need scaffolding.

If you would like something slightly more impactful then just a window but without a huge amount of building work, we are excited to share that VELUX also have a balcony system, which can then upgrade a window into a balcony. The balcony is a simple yet smart design to use, as the window is opened at the top and bottom and it opens into a compact balcony space. Once closed the VELUX looks like an an ordinary window, which makes it the ideal solution if you want more space and natural light, but don't want to have to do more sizeable building work.

If you would like to find out more about LC Roofing Ltd or what is involved in the installation of VELUX roof windows installations in the Littlehampton area, please contact us now and one of our team will be able to guide you further.


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