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VELUX Windows in Camber

It goes without saying that windows have an enormous impact on properties. Not only do they allow more fresh air and daylight to enter your home or business but they also transform how the building feels and make it a far more pleasant space to spend time. If you are looking to replace a window or install a new one into your home or office, VELUX windows are a great option because they're not only quick and easy to install but they also come in a sizeable range of designs.

We know that it's important to hire professionals who know what they're doing when it comes to any service provider and VELUX windows are no different. At LC Roofing, we have comprehensive experience in the replacement and installation of VELUX windows and on top of that, we are certified VELUX window installers, so you know that your windows will be installed at an outstanding level.

Being certified as a VELUX window installer, also means that we are recognised under the government supported TrustMark scheme. The TrustMark organisation is a not-for-profit institution and it is unique in the fact that it's the only scheme of its type that actually acknowledges excellent trades people. It has a rigorous selection procedure and to be part of the scheme, we have to continuously maintain first-class levels. of work, which is something that TrustMark constantly keeps track of, so you know that when you hire us, we are dedicated, diligent and meticulous.

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VELUX Window Replacement in Camber

VELUX are constantly developing their products, meaning that if your old VELUX window needs replacing, then the new model can be of great benefit to your property. VELUX windows are continuously being evolved with new designs and the most up to date window technology, so your replacement VELUX window will be an incredibly asset to your home or business. The latest VELUX window has many advantages, including the fact that it can make your space even more energy efficient, it can make it more attractive and it can feel more pleasant to spend time in.

As well as being certified VELUX installers, we are also enrolled with FENSA (The Fenestration Self Assessment Scheme). FENSA are also a scheme supported by the government and they monitor businesses who install windows, and ensure that the installations follow the Building Regulations.

There are many other benefits to VELUX roof windows, which include:

  • They are good value for money, considering the benefits that they can have for your home.
  • There is a wide range of design options.
  • They are comparatively easy to install, so you won't need to make allowances for large scale building work.

If you would like more information on the installation of VELUX windows, contact us by email on or please call on 01323 654059 and we can book you in for a FREE QUOTE and help you with any queries.

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Replacement VELUX Windows

VELUX windows can be the ideal solution if you are going to be replacing windows or looking at a new window installation for your business or your home. There is a huge array of colour and design choices and when we provide your FREE quotation, we can give you advice on the right options for you.

Whether you want to go for a traditional look or something more modern, there will be a perfect VELUX window design for you, which will be beautiful in your desired space, made in the right size, of the right materials and in the right colour for your needs. We keep the installation process simple and make sure that it doesn't impact your life in a negative way. One of the many benefits of VELUX windows is that generally, installations won't need scaffolding, so you can relax knowing that your installation will be as streamlined and easy as possible.

If you are tempted by VELUX windows but are also considering something a little bit more significant, then we are thrilled to share that VELUX have created a simply designed balcony system. This balcony is ingeniously designed and what looks like a simple window can be opened at the top and bottom and transforms into a compact but very usable balcony space. Once the VELUX balcony has been closed, it then looks like a window, once again, so it's completely unobtrusive to your room, whilst creating a great new asset to let in more fresh air and daylight.

If you would like to discuss VELUX windows in more detail and VELUX roof window installations in the Camber area, contact us now and one of our friendly team will be able to help you.


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